Friday, March 29, 2013

the letter x

School was a little sparse this week because what more can you say about x than x-ray really. We traced their hands with white crayon and then added some 'bones', then water colored over the crayon to reveal their very own x-ray. Read 'The Birthday Box'. I was a little desperate so trying to find anything with an x. Talked about eXercise. All the kids showed me what they did to exercise. We had break dancing, booty shakin, runnin around the house, donkey kicks...whew got my work out! We tried an eXperiment too, which didn't turn out as cool as I thought it would. . . the chemical reaction of vinegar covered pennies and air - supposed to turn blue and 4 hours later, they're starting to speckle. We had a serious discussion about their bodies and how to trust their feelings and get help if they feel unsafe. Great book - 'The Right Touch' by Sandy Kleven, if you want to know how to discuss preventing child abuse. Joyschool is getting easier and easier, hardly ever any drama. It's so nice to be able to run and play outside again too.
x-ray hands
goin for a drive because I'm not sure if one more kid would fit in the sandbox!
building gardens and roads

Thursday, March 28, 2013

fun on the farm

i wish i lived on a farm
feedin' time
good old fashioned entertainment
e man
ty ty aka josh jr
paden boy
softest, thickest wool ever!
wagon ride anyone? scuzzies are free
happy man
the gaggle 
pure joy
how dare you let me get a sunburn!

Monday, March 11, 2013

I always love going to women's conference and this weekend was especially wonderful!! My favorite class was 'Simplify your Life'. It wasn't about cutting things out of your life or getting organized which I thought it would be.  Oh no, it was much more. About turning our ways into His ways.  We all have our set of beliefs and we all act. It was about joining the two. Doesn't it make sense to make my beliefs my actions. So the goal is to find out what is really important to me. What do I want out of these areas...
    1- my relationship with God, 
2- my relationship with my family,
 3- my relationship with others, 
4- my relationship with my self.
Those become my beliefs, now I want to act on those beliefs. 
1- Ponder on what my specific belief is.
2- ACT on what the spirit tells me.
3- Make time for quiet time. Christ will let me know I'm doing okay.
4- Stop judging myself and others. Be merciful.
5- Make sure I've got my sisters back(as in 'I got yo back!')
6- Get advice and help from those doing it better.
7- We are not meant to do these things alone!
I loved these funny quotes she had "I'm super lazy today! Which is like normal lazy, but I'm also wearing a cape."
"I got so much procrastination done today!" (so me!)
Another class was about making weak things strong. Her main points were on having compassion on yourself, and remembering your worth is intact. Just like a $20 bill is worth the same no matter how beat up, dirty and trampled upon it is, you are worth no less for having some bad days, habits etc.
So good. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Awhile ago I read how a mother longed for a quiet minute, just one itsy bitsy minute in her day. It was when Ty was a babe and slept all day and I was doing a few designs at home, and my house was so silent and I hoped it wouldn't be long until it was full of noise and laughter. Almost five years later I long for that moment.  Tonight as we sat down for dinner there was this three second window of pure silence. It was really weird but quite enjoyable. I challenged us to have a quiet dinner and really thought it could be done...silly me. Today, there was a point that me and Brooke were yelling over ours kids just so we could hear each other. :) I sure do cherish the noise, but that little moment at dinner was quite lovely too.

Monday, March 4, 2013

I am so lucky to be in Primary. I have my moments when I'm like 'Hello? Anybody?' but children are so smart and so precious and I can feel their little spirits when I'm with them every Sunday. I love how eager they are to always share and participate. My children have finally learned how to stay in there chairs and Emmett made it through his whole class without escaping! Big moment for this mama. There new saying is 'What in the Holy Spirit!?' I have no idea... We do talk about the Holy Ghost or The Spirit at our home, but reverently, as in it is our comforter and guide and can warn us of danger. But why they yell it as they are Kung Foo fighting monsters is an all out mystery. We were over the ward party this month and had a Super Hero birthday party. It was a blast. Our president goes all out. I was in charge of capes and 'POW' signs...which turned out so cute, thanks to girls night, where they helped me bust them out in about an hour! We had a photo booth, pinata, bingo, nachos, a little singin' and tons of super hero fighting by the kiddos. Emmett was Captain America and ran around with his paper shield and his mean face and Ty was Hawkeye with his bow - bustin out arrows left and right. Ty wants an Avengers birthday party, so my decor is set for that occasion!
Ashley is in town, so there's always a party with my girls. And of course tons of cousin time these days. Ty and Emmett have a friend or cousin play date almost every day and why Ty cries every time we leave makes me heart break. Doesn't he know there's more fun in store for him! So glad we live close to family to make our days very worth while. Recent gem... my boys Hate cleaning as much as I do, so when I'm gettin' the job done and they just zone out I get a little feisty. Well, why not make cleaning fun - hello! Barney does it, so why don't I? Our new ritual is to either race or become a super hero with amazing cleaning abilities. Works like a charm:) Anything super hero is a go at our house and so recently I bought a spiderman soap dispenser, never seen hands so clean, but it was gone in a day. Thankfully I bought 2 gallons of hand soap so we can fill that thing up weekly and I can finally be rid of those jugs takin' up space. Oh the little things that bring me joy. Paden's been kind of a bad sleeper lately. He only wants to be snuggled on my chest, which I love, but I know it's breaking habit time. So I usually rock him to bed about 17 times a night! and want to cry and laugh in delirium when he starts to fuss, but I tell you what, when he wakes up in the morning and gives me his whole-body grin it just melts me and I'm no longer tired or mad.

Monday, February 18, 2013

We have a herd(?) of deer. They like to come graze the yard and surrounding cemetery late at night. The boys think it's pretty cool. To be honest, they freak me out. Especially when I'm walking past the laundry room window at 3 am not quite coherent and there's about 10 lookin' right at me. Gives me the willies!
Paden loves his cereal. He looks like he's having an excitement seizure and then ATTACK! He bites super hard down on the spoon and gives a shudder. Then big cheese and sometimes a giggle.
Josh is an awesome snuggle bug and he loves to make his boys all cozy, which I just adore. They get the best 'drive-in' experience when dad's around. I love to see him interact with all three of them. It makes my heart so happy that he is such a super dad. And the pure thrill when dad walks in the door makes everything good again.
My favorite part of the day is laying down with Paden. He loves to have his ears rubbed. If he's on my tummy he's out in about five minutes. And I can just stare at him and kiss those big lips. It's my quick break from all the chaos upstairs, which doesn't sound as bad down here. It makes me so happy that Ty and Emmett are the best of friends.

Thursday, February 14, 2013